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오래간만에 보드 소식 하나 올립니다.

그동안 보드 몇개 개발했는데 차일 피일 미루다가 드디어 올립니다.

이번에 개발한 보드는 OCTOPUS입니다.

이름 그대로 발이 많은 문어처럼 Serial Port가 16개가 붙은 안드로이드 기반의 보드입니다.

네트워크 기반의 제어 솔루션으로 가장 적합한 솔루션입니다.

Android Single Board Computer with 16 Serial Ports

Perfect Solution to GUI/Network Terminal to Control Devices

OCTOPUS is a single board computer which has many external interfaces. It has 8 RS-232 serial ports and 8 RS-485 serial ports for external communication. It also has 9 digital input ports and 9 digital output ports. It also has 4 USB host ports for peripherals.

OCTOPUS has 7” LCD display interface with resistive touch screen for GUI application.

OCTOPUS can connect to wireless(WIFI/bluetooth) network and wired(ethernet) network. NFC is optionally supported.

OCTOPUS supports both Android and Linux as operating system. By using android or Linux QT, user can program GUI or network application easily. Because application can control external devices through many serial ports, OCTOPUS is perfect solution to GUI/network terminal to control external devices.

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2016.06 OCTOPUS.pdf

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